Keep Dry with our 100% Natural Deodorant Cream this Summer

KOHA Beauty is committed to creating products that are kind to both the planet and our bodies. That is why we have formulated a Natural Deodorant Cream in two scents; Fresh Citrus and Cool Mint. We want to keep you feeling fresh and smelling aromatic while also providing a safe and clean alternative to many of the harmful deodorants available on the market today.  The KOHA Beauty Natural Deodorant Cream contains no artificial fillers or synthetic chemicals, only the purest forms of ingredients, giving you peace of mind about the ingredients entering your body.

The Shea Butter and Coconut Oil blend is extremely hydrating and nourishing for the skin. These ingredients also have antioxidant properties that will naturally balance and heal the skin. The perfect base for a natural cream deodorant that makes the product a joy to apply and wear.

Arrowroot Powder is a naturally deodorising and drying ingredient that will help neutralise any natural body scent and dry up excess sweat.

Sodium Bicarbonate is used to neutralise the acidic nature of sweat and prevent bacteria from forming in the underarm - the biological process which creates body odour.


Why Switch To a Natural Deodorant?

No Harmful Chemicals

We apply deodorants directly onto our armpits which are a gateway to our olfactory system. That means that whatever products we apply in this area are making their way directly into our bloodstream. We must be conscious of the ingredients that products contain when they can have such dramatic impacts on our bodies.  Chemical deodorants have been linked to some pretty scary health issues such as various cancers, hormonal disruption and cognitive disorders, as well as common reactions including allergies and skin irritation. More research needs to be done to determine the severity of these ingredients, but it is incentive enough to make the switch to a more natural alternative.  Parabens, triclosan, and aluminium are only a few of the toxic ingredients that are commonly found in deodorants. Alternatively, the KOHA Beauty deodorant creams only contain the handful of natural ingredients necessary to create a fresh-smelling, nourishing product.

Better Value For Money

The KOHA Beauty deodorant creams can last for up to 10-12 weeks of daily use while the average aerosol deodorant only lasts an average of one month. At only £12 a tin it is an extremely good value way to purchase deodorant and is less wasteful than using an aerosol spray or stick.

No Wasteful Packaging

Our deodorant creams come in a tin that can be reused and repurposed, making it a plastic-free product. The aerosol tin bottles that house traditional deodorants, that are thrown away once the product is used, will spend a whopping 200-500 years in a landfill before they decompose. And remember, that’s one can per month. The smallest changes can make the biggest impact on our environmental footprint and using products such as cream deodorant is one of those small changes that the earth and your body will thank you for.


We welcome you to make the switch to natural cream deodorant today and let go of the guilt attached to the multitude of toxins and waste associated with traditional deodorant and antiperspirant brands.



KOHA Beauty

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