Benefits of Aromatherapy Candles

Candles are no longer just for decoration or to make your room smell pretty; these days, they’re so much more than that. Using aromatherapeutic ingredients and carefully-selected essential oils, our trio of KOHA Beauty candles can be used to boost your mood or create a relaxed ambience in the home to help you unwind or sleep deeper.  We’ve pulled together our favourite benefits of lighting candles in the home to inspire you and remind you just how important a little bit of self-care is…

Candles create ambience and an atmosphere

Lighting a candle creates a cosy ambience in an instant; a dimly-lit room flickering with candlelight is always soothing for the soul. Candles lit around the room, especially scented ones, instantly whip up a serene atmosphere that can help you sink into the moment and feel chilled and unbothered in mere moments. Plus, the use of essential oils can create an atmosphere to suit your mood; try lighting something zingy to revitalise your mood in the morning, or something deeply floral to help you shift any feelings of nervous tension and relax.

Fragrance can be used to suit (or change) your mood

As we’ve hinted at, fragrance is a huge benefit of any candle, and specifically so with ours. The KOHA Beauty candles have been specially selected and carefully curated to offer our customers a range of fragrances for every mood, to help you feel your best whatever the day’s looking like. A particular scent can lift your mood or set the tone for the moment, almost instantly, so we’ve chosen our trio to try and cover almost every occasion. 

Want to start the day with some get-up-and-go, or feeling in need of recharging? Our vibrant Citrus Lemongrass scent is the perfect revitaliser, to wake up the senses and help you to feel a bit more up-and-at-‘em. If you’re feeling tense, nervous or just looking for some escapism in your day, then our Rose Geranium offers a luxury opportunity to sink into the sofa and enjoy some self-care time. For stress, nerves or to help you unwind, our Lavender Herb candle will almost immediately help you to feel calmer, more relaxed and able to drift off into a deeper, more nourishing sleep. 

Lighting candles has proven health and wellbeing benefits

That’s true! Candles are proven to help alleviate stress, and are often used during spa treatments, aromatherapy treatments or even mindfulness classes to help with symptoms of anxiety and depression. The simple act of lighting a candle can almost force you to take even just five minutes to yourself; it’s something we strongly associate with pleasure, relaxation and lounging, so enjoy it and make the most of it. We all need downtime during the day to help us unwind and rebalance, so don’t skip it; it’s good for your health, after all. 

Candles can help with mindfulness and increasing focus

As much as candles can help with relaxation, the right fragrance can really help with sharpening your focus and helping you to feel more wide-awake and productive. Certain scents can stimulate your senses, particularly citrus scents like lemon and orange, so our Citrus Lemongrass candle is perfect for lighting at your desk to help you zoom through your workload and feel energised. If your head’s in a spin and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with life, then lighting a candle can really help with that too. A simple mindfulness technique is to light a candle, and then concentrate on the flame. Watch it flicker and really focus on the movement of the flame, to bring you into the present moment and help to reduce those feelings of nervousness or negativity. 

Fragrances can help preserve memories

Ever sprayed a perfume and instantly remembered something from years gone by? There’s a reason for that. If you ever feel like to want to burn a particular candle and then snuggle up when you’re feeling blue, there’s science behind it. Emotions and memories can be triggered by certain scents, and so can bring you a feeling of happiness if the scent coincides with a particular time in your life. There are plenty of behavioural studies that indicate that scents can trigger memories and shift your mood, so take this into account when you’re thinking about which candle to burn. Light one when you know you have friends coming over, or a romantic evening planned, will help you to remember those special moments whenever you want to feel them all over again,

Lighting a candle can help you sleep better

We’re all addicted to our phones these days, even though we know that using them extensively in the evenings can diminish our quality of sleep. The blue light from our screens decreases our magnesium levels, leaving us feeling more tired and anxious. But take it back to the old school and we’re sure you’ll see a boost in the quality of sleep you’re getting. Tuck your phone away after 7pm (try airplane mode and putting it away in another room) and turn down the lights earlier, lighting candles instead, to help you feel calmer hours ahead of bedtime. The darker lighting will relax you, and our gorgeous Lavender Herb candle will help you to feel more serene and at peace too, ensuring that you feel ready for bed a little earlier and that you can catch up on those zzz’s and bag some powerful sleeping hours.


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