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Why you should consider soaps over other cleansing products

We’re delighted that so many of you are enjoying our soaps so far! We’ve already had a couple of sell-outs, with lots of you especially loving our Activated Charcoal, Tea tree & Lemongrass and Lemon, Poppy Seed & Turmeric soaps in particular, but more stock is on the way, so don’t fret if you’re waiting to purchase. But if you’re still on the fence about switching to soap, we wanted to use this week’s blog post to talk to you a little more about why you should consider making the change. We get it, you love your regular cleanser, and you enjoy your fruity shower gel – why would you want try something different?

The truth is, there are so many reasons why you should consider switching to a bar of soap for your facial and body cleansing routines. So, if you’re not convinced just yet, read on to find out a little more information that might just help to sway you…

Bar soap is a very effective germ-killer

If you only plan to use your KOHA bar of soap as a traditional handwashing soap, you might be concerned that the gentle ingredients mean it won’t kill off germs as well as your regular antibacterial wash. However, scientific research has shown that washing your hands with a bar of soap is just as effective as a hand sanitiser or even a medical chlorine rinse, in terms of getting germs and bacteria off of your skin. Simply rub, lather up and rinse thoroughly to ensure super-clean skin!

It’s kinder to the environment

When you think about how many bottles of handwash, facial cleanser and shower gel you get through in a year – it’s scary to think how many plastic bottles we throw away, and let’s not get started on the apparatus (that’s often non-recyclable) that comes with them. When you switch to a KOHA bar of soap, you’re making a zero-waste decision. You can use your bar of soap again and again and again, until it’s all used up, with absolutely no waste, and it’s packaged in a 100% recyclable cardboard sleeve with no plastic used, so it’s completely eco-friendly and sustainable. The soaps are made in small batches, and we’re proud to say that they are also completely free of palm oil, so the formulas are very kind to the environment too.

They’re easy to travel with

One for the jetsetters here! If you travel often, and find that pesky liquid allowances a real pain, you’ll enjoy the freedom that using our KOHA soaps can bring. Instead of decanting and packing separate mini bottles of shower gel and cleanser, you can simply cut a block off of your bar of soap and take it with you – no mess, and absolutely no fuss!

They’re kinder to your skin

The most important bit yet – switching to a KOHA bar of soap can actually be more beneficial for your skin. Dermatologists and skincare experts are in agreement that facial bar soaps can be just as effective as liquid cleansers, but are kinder to the skin thanks to their higher levels of gentle, natural ingredients. Also, our soaps contain a lower pH level than regular formulas and contains no SLSs or hardening agents, meaning they’re less drying to the skin. Traditional foaming cleansers and liquid soaps include surfactants and SLSs in their formulas to promote a rich, bubbly lather – but there’s no need for that. Our soaps simply create a lovely silky slip on the skin, allowing you to gently cleanse in a way that leaves your skin feeling nourished and hydrated after use.

They’re better value for money

Overall, our soaps are far better value for money than your regular cleansing routine, and that’s for a variety of reasons. Firstly, KOHA Beauty soaps are real multitaskers – you can use them for cleansing your face, your hands and your body, but you can also use them in lieu of shaving gel, as they offer great slip for your razor to glide across the skin. If you’re planning on giving your soap several uses, cut them into chunks and keep one in your shower, one by the sink and one with your facial skincare regime for maximum hygiene – just remember to store them on slotted soap dishes to allow them to dry out effectively before your next use. By the same stretch, you can use them for the whole family hygienically too, by cutting everyone their own individual chunk to use and enjoy.

Our soaps are also longer-lasting than traditional shower gels or liquid soaps; for example, Original Source shower gels promise up to 35 uses from one bottle, but our family of testers have so far gotten more than two months of daily use from one bar of the soap, for a family of 5 – that’s a minimum of 300 uses if the soap was used just once per day by each family member. And we've worked out that our soap works out at six pence per use, if you use it twice a day over a period of two months.  

Are you feeling convinced yet? We urge you to take the plunge and give it a try – we think that you won’t look back! You can shop our full collection of soaps online, and check out our previous blog posts for the lowdown on each and every soap in the range, to help you find your perfect fit.

To find out more about our KOHA Beauty soaps, visit our SHOP!

Happy shopping!


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