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Understanding Your Skin Type and How to Care for It

You might hear the terms ‘dry’, ‘oily’ or even ‘combination’ bandied about when it comes to skin types – and you wouldn’t be alone in thinking “but what do those words actually mean?”. When you only have your experience of your own skin to go on, it can be tricky to know if you really do have oily skin or just normal levels of sheen, and what is ‘combination’ anyway?

Skin management becomes much simpler when you understand the skin you’re in, so KOHA Beauty has pulled together an easy-to-follow guide to help you on your journey to healthy, happy skin – naturally.

As a starting point, try the Blotting Paper Test to determine the skin type you’re likely to have. Gently pat a blotting sheet onto different areas of your face, and then hold the sheet up to the light to determine how much oil is visible. No oil? You likely have dry skin. If there’s oil from when you check the nose and forehead, then you likely have normal/combination skin. If there’s oil all over the sheet, then you guessed it, you have oily skin.


Oily skin simply produces excess oil. On one hand, this can give you a lovely natural glow, but too much oil can leave you looking greasy, clogging the pores and causing blackheads and blemishes that leave the skin looking red, congested or uneven in texture and tone.

The good news? Oily skin often looks younger for longer, because it maintains higher levels of natural moisture, and is less prone to wrinkling.

To manage oily skin, daily exfoliation is key in helping you to rebalance the texture and tone, and loosen any clogged pores to prevent blackheads and blemishes developing. KOHA Beauty’s Bamboo Charcoal-Infused konjac sponge is the perfect secret weapon in helping you to do this; simply use twice daily to cleanse and buff your skin gently, giving you a natural glow and reducing the levels of oil sitting on the surface of your skin.


Dry skin is skin that feels tight, and may experience flaking. It’s often quite dull in texture too, and sometimes slightly rough to the touch. Dry skin is largely caused by genetics, but can also be caused by lifestyle, diet, hormones and climate, with dehydration being one of the biggest factors. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding diuretics like alcohol and caffeine can all help to up your moisture levels and keep your skin looking and feeling hydrated.

Daily exfoliation with a non-abrasive cleanser, like KOHA Beauty's Pure White konjac sponge, can promote cell turnover and lift dry, dead skin away from the surface. And for cleansing dry skin, choose products with high levels of moisture-boosting ingredients; our Pink Clay, Rose Geranium & Sweet Orange soap uses finely-milled oatmeal to help exfoliate the skin, whilst coconut oil, Shea butter and French pink clay all help to nourish your skin.


Normal and combination skin are sometimes tricky to diagnose, as certain areas are oily, and some are dry. If you have this skin type, you’ll often have an oilier (but not oily – let’s go for the term ‘well moisturised’) t-zone and forehead, and dryer skin on the chin and cheeks.

The key is to use products that will maintain moisture, without overpowering areas that don’t require excess hydration. Our Sailor’s Bar is the perfect cleanser for combination skin, as it purifies the areas of the skin that require deeper cleansing, whilst adding moisture to dryer skin. The miracle ingredient, Rhassoul clay, reduces blemishes, evens out skin tone and reduces dryness, to leave your skin feeling happy and hydrated.


Sensitive skin is easily irritated, prone to rashes and redness, so it’s essential to use extra-gentle products to maintain a happy complexion. Managing a sensitive complexion can be tricky, but just remember to go gentle, introducing one new product at a time to avoid overloading your skin. Don’t aggravate or inflame the skin by scrubbing at it with physical exfoliants or rough flannels; the KOHA Beauty Pure White konjac sponge is perfect for sensitive skin as it effectively cleanses and polishes the skin, removing dryness or any clogged pores without tearing or attacking the dermis.

To cleanse sensitive skin all over, our gorgeous Shea Butter, Kaolin Clay & Ylang Ylang soap is ideal; it’s super moisturising and the stripped-back ingredients care for delicate complexions without overloading or irritating them.

Our skin's needs can change over time, so it’s important to remember to check in with your skin regularly and keep reassessing how it’s feeling and behaving, so that you can make informed choices with your skincare products and routine, to keep your skin happy, healthy, balanced and beautiful.

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