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Six Top Tips to Help You Live A More Mindful Life

Here at KOHA Beauty, we’re huge advocates of trying to live your best life. No, that doesn’t mean work hard, play hard, party hard – as fun as that sounds. We mean that you should be trying to be your best self and living as fulfilling a life as you can. 

Our products reflect our ethos; gentle, natural, kind, easy. We urge you to respect your own needs and be kind to yourself, to take time when you need it, reduce stress where you can and learn to appreciate the little things that make life wonderful. In short – learning how to be mindful of yourself, your environment and your needs, in order to live in a more peaceful state of mind. We’ve put together six top tips to help you live a more mindful lifestyle; they’re easy to slot into daily life and take next to no effort to achieve, but we’re sure you’ll feel the difference!

One: Keep a gratitude journal

Remembering the good things that happen to us each day can really help to improve our state of mind, as well as increasing our awareness of what’s going on. Buy yourself a pretty notebook and keep it beside your bed, and every evening before you go to sleep, write down three things that you’re grateful for that day. It could be as simple as a hot cup of tea in the morning, or finding change for the bus in the bottom of your bag – if it made you smile, it goes on the list. Try not to repeat yourself if you can, to help you seek out the positives in daily life and look for the little things that improve your wellbeing. 

Two: Connect to your senses

All too often, we’re multitasking – we’re checking our phones whilst checking our emails, we’re chatting whilst we’re jotting down our to-do list, we’re even plugged into podcasts while we’re on the commute. The result? We’re highly strung, stressed out, unaware of our body’s needs and only realising later on that we’ve been hunched over a desk or a phone all day. Instead of trying to do everything at once, take the time to connect with what’s going on in the world around you. Breathe, and notice how it feels to breathe. Listen to the noises in the room, what can you hear? Blink deeply a few times and remember to look away from your screen every twenty minutes. Notice when your shoulders are pulled up high, or if you’re clenching your jaw. Take back control of your own body and notice when you need to take a break.

Three: Practice deep breathing

Mindful people are aware of how their breathing works. It’s a barometer for how we’re feeling; breath is slow, deep and rested when we’re feeling calm, and it’s shallow and quick if we’re stressed. Whenever you remember to, take a few moments to notice how you’re breathing and how it’s making you feel. Practice slowing down your breathing, inhaling in deeper and exhaling for longer, to help you feel more at peace. Doing this a few times a day can lower your stress levels and keep you aware of how you’re feeling, what might be triggering stressful breathing or what keeps you calm.

Four: Put down your phone

We know, it’s a scary thought. But think about what you did before a smartphone came into your life. You spent your commute thinking, looking out of windows. You spent your lunchtimes eating, reading a magazine. Most importantly, you spent your evenings connecting with your loved ones – talking to your partner or playing with your children. But chances are, a smartphone addiction has reduced the time you spend doing any of the above, in favour of endless scrolling and hours spent being unaware of your surroundings. We say, put the phone away. Limit your use and be aware of those moments when you reach for the phone out of habit. We recommend putting your phone in a different room, so that you can spend your time valuably instead of staring mindlessly into a screen. We guarantee it’ll make you feel better!

Five: Notice what you’re eating

How many times have you mindlessly grabbed a meal deal in the supermarket, how many times have you shovelled food into your mouth whilst staring at the TV? Instead, take notice of what you’re consuming and how it makes you feel. Take the time to prepare something you’re excited to eat and take notice of how you eat it. What does it taste like, how do the textures feel? Smells? You’ll soon notice when you’re full up, instead of continuing to eat and then feeling overstuffed. You’ll notice if you really love an ingredient, or even if something doesn’t agree with your body.


Six: Take a walk or get some fresh air

Here’s another thing about modern working life. Before constant emails, social media, smartphones, and the pressure of presenteeism, we’ll wager that you used to use your lunch break to get outside. Now more than ever it is important to remove yourself from your laptop/phone/tv and try to get some fresh air. We understand this is not always possible especially during these uncertain times of social distancing but if you can not get outside to take a walk around the block, why not open a window and feel the breeze flowing over you. We'd suggest closing your eyes, listening to the birds and basking in the rays of sunshine, noticing your surroundings and reconnecting with yourself.

Stay safe


KOHA Beauty

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