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Self-care at Christmas

At its heart, Christmas is a time to share. Whether that be with loved ones, colleagues, or with the wider community, it is a time to be selfless and lend a hand where we can. 

However, with all the pressure amounting on one day of the year, the whole point of the celebration can become slightly foggy amidst all the fuss; especially during these modern times when there’s so much pressure on social media, to be having the ‘best day ever’.

With an ever evolving ‘to do’ list and extensive range of tasks requiring completion before the big day, do you ever have a moment to yourself? A time intended for joy and happiness can quickly spiral into a heap of stress for those of us placed in charge… So, this year we have made a solemn promise to ourselves; a promise to take care not only of Christmas but of ourselves also. So why not join us?  

As the darkness creeps in, it’s important not to let the boundaries of night and day become blurred. Sleep is essential to our cognitive functions as it helps you fight illness, reduce stress and improve your overall mood. You deserve to enjoy this season as much as you did when you were little – after all, Christmas is a magical time of year which must not be taken for granted, so take a little slumber and recharge for the excitement of the big day itself (and all the fun days leading up to it!). With the frost nipping your nose outside, running home and into the warmth is all too inviting. However, exercise and activity are as important now as they were in summer. Keep moving with a winter walk, or hit up the gym to get the blood pumping if the frost is keeping you at bay. Fitness is an excellent way to promote good mental and physical health all year round and is particularly important to ward off excessive exhaustion or sickness during the winter months. 

Although challenging and pushing yourself is crucial to maintaining a positive outlook and promoting wellbeing, don’t be shy to indulge yourself too – it’s all about balance. Only you stand in the way of yourself and that sweet treat, that lazy day in, or that gift to yourself. With an abundance of opportunity at this time of year, go out with the girls, plan a weekly date night in advance or take the kids out for the day. Spending quality time with loved ones is an ideal way to get into the Christmas spirit and be swept away by the festivities.  Even if you spend an evening cosied up on the sofa together, with your favourite festive KOHA candle burning and a Christmassy film on the television, it’s a magical way to create some memories as well as some much-needed chill time. For a simpler method of relaxation, why not simply try something you’ve been meaning to for a while? Whether this be looking up new recipes and getting into cooking, purchasing new workout gear and taking up yoga, or purely taking ten minutes out with the face mask you’ve had stashed away for weeks, after a long day at the office. 

Whatever it may be, a goal, no matter how big or small, is a good way to get into good habits and can make a serious impression upon your overall wellbeing. 

So, put yourself first and give something new a shot this season… we’ll be right there with you to help you enjoy your happiest, most relaxed holidays yet!


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