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KOHA Launches into Kinder Beauty Boxes

You know we love to surprise you with some fresh news and exciting goings-on

every now and again – and this week, we’ve got a great surprise for all of you clean

beauty lovers out there. We’re delighted to share with you all that this month, KOHA Beauty is included in the amazing Kinder beauty boxes! That’s right, one of our products has been

handpicked to be included in Kinder’s July subscription box, and we couldn’t be

more excited.

Founded and curated by Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch and former Nickelodeon

actress Daniella Monet, Kinder beauty boxes have been hugely popular with clean

beauty lovers since they launched earlier this year. The boxes pull together a

handpicked selection of Evanna and Daniella’s favourite vegan, cruelty-free

skincare, makeup, haircare and accessories and deliver them to your door every

month. It’s such an easy way to find new cruelty-free brands!

So, what’s the KOHA Beauty product that’s been handpicked by the Kinder team, we

hear you ask? It’s none other than our bamboo toothbrush! Our antibacterial sustainable bamboo toothbrush was chosen by the team at Kinder to be a part of the ‘bedtime beauty’-themed box for July. Gentle but effective, it’s the perfect way to prep for some serious beauty sleep.

Kinder have chosen a gorgeous selection of natural beauty products to feature

alongside us in the box, and we’re thrilled to have been included with some

fabulous brands like Scentuals, Dr Botanicals and Folly Fire. There’s a lush

chamomile and lavender pillow spray, a deeply nourishing sleep mask, a mineral

toothpaste and a body lotion among other things – and of course our bamboo

toothbrush too. Everything you need for a truly beautiful bedtime regime.

So, what have the team at Kinder got to say about KOHA?

“Arguably, the most important part of any night-time routine is brushing your teeth.

Did you know that the American Dental Association recommends replacing your

toothbrush every three months? No need to run out to the store for a new one,

though - we’ve got you covered this month with a bamboo toothbrush from Koha

Beauty. The toothbrush isn’t your typical plastic one that harms the environment.

It’s made from sustainable and biodegradable MOSO bamboo, so you don’t have

to feel guilty about tossing it when its time is up. We’ve all been avoiding plastics in

our daily lives, whether it be eliminating straws or opting for reusable bags at the

grocery store, so why continue to buy plastic toothbrushes!? The toothbrush has

BPA-free nylon bristles with feathered tips, meaning they’re safe for your gums and

can get those hard-to-reach spaces. And you can feel good about supporting a

responsible company that’s kind to the environment.”

Why, thank you!

If you want to get your hands on Kinder’s July beauty box, and try out all of these

amazing gentle, vegan products (as well as our toothbrush, of course), then it

couldn’t be simpler. You just need to head to Kinder beauty and select a

plan – you can choose from a monthly subscription, a three-month subscription or

even a yearly one if you’re truly devoted. You can buy a box for yourself or send it

as a gift too. If you buy before the end of July, then the bedtime beauty box, featuring KOHA, will be your first delivery – so if you’re keen, don’t hang around! Every Kinder box contains at least $70 worth of carefully curated, cruelty-free and vegan beauty products, spanning skincare, makeup, haircare and accessories. A portion of all the sales is then donated to the team’s preferred animal rights and environmental charities.

We love the ethos behind Kinder and how they’re working to create a truly kind

beauty shopping experience, so if you are interested in subscribing to a cruelty-

free beauty box company, we’d urge you to consider them. It’s such a lovely way to


Read more about Kinder’s July beauty box here.

Purchase your box here.


KOHA Beauty

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