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KOHA Beauty Soaps (part III)

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been talking you through our

collection of handmade, cold-process vegan soaps (which you can catch up

with here) and this week, we’re sharing with you the details of the last two in the

collection, which we think might just be the prettiest of all!

In case you haven’t managed to catch up with the posts so far, KOHA Beauty has

recently launched a collection of six soaps, which have all been specially created

to serve a variety of purposes, enabling you to care for your and your family’s skin

naturally. So far, we’ve given you the rundown on our Activated Charcoal, Tea Tree & Lemongrass soap, the Shea Butter, Kaolin Clay & Ylang Ylang, the Green Clay, Dead Sea Mud & Eucalyptus soap and the Lemon, Poppyseed & Turmeric soap. From deep-cleansing to hyper-nourishing the skin, decongesting to exfoliating, the soaps offer a full range of treatment options to care for and treat a variety of skin concerns.

But this week, it’s all about our two prettiest bars of satin-soft soaps – and that’s really saying something. But not only are they both good to look at, they do good things too. We’re delighted to introduce you to our Pink Clay, Rose Geranium & Sweet Orange soap, and the Rhassoul Clay, Lavender & Peppermint – also known as the ‘Sailor’s Bar’. Both of these soaps serve very different purposes, so allow us to talk you through

the finer details…

Pretty in pink, is the Pink Clay soap, packed with extracts of rose geranium and

sweet orange. This sweet-smelling soap is perfect for nourishing dry or dehydrated

skin, packing plenty of moisture-boosting ingredients to give your complexion back

some plumpness and vibrancy. If your skin feels dry, tight or dull, and just needs

that extra dose of hydration – this is the soap for you. French Pink Clay itself has amazing rejuvenating properties that can help improve levels of skin elasticity, which rose geranium oil supports with too. The inclusion of colloidal oatmeal (finely milled oats) also helps to soothe and moisturise delicate, sensitive and dry skin, making this bar a powerhouse of hydration and nourishment for irritable skin types or more mature complexions.

As pretty as a slice of cake, this soap features a block of French pink clay, and our

signature scalloped edging, speckled with ground-up rose petals to give a truly lovely, luxe

finished look. The Pink Clay soap is made with a base of olive oil, coconut oil, shea

butter, rapeseed oil, castor oil, coconut milk and kaolin clay – all extra-soothing

ingredients to care for your skin gently, every day.

If your problem isn’t hydration, but more like congestion, then you’re in luck, as you

get to use our most Instagram-friendly bar yet, the Sailor’s Bar! The dreamy

marbled blue of this soap, paired with the crests and peaks of the scalloped

edging, like the waves, is perfect for the bathroom, as it helps you to set sail on a

journey of relaxation and rejuvenation, all without stepping away from the sink.

Inspired by cosy nights at the coast whilst it’s stormy outside, the Sailor’s Bar is a

deeply sensual soap that lifts the spirits whilst decongesting and caring for the skin.

Enriched with rhassoul clay and indigo root, this is a purifying soap that will clarify

your complexion without drying out the skin. Rhassoul clay is a soothing clay that’s

only found in the Atlas mountain range in Morocco, and clinical tests have shown

that it can reduce blemishes and blackheads, even out the skintone and reduce

dryness in the skin. Indigo root (also known as wild indigo) has medicinal properties

that help to soothe inflamed or irritated skins too. Scented with lavender, lime and peppermint, the Sailor’s Bar soap beautifully balances between relaxing and rejuvenating, making it ideal for use both in the morning and before bedtime too. This rich and silky soap has a base of nourishing olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, rapeseed oil, castor oil, coconut milk powder and kaolin clay, to glide beautifully across the skin and melt satisfyingly, without

creating a foamy lather.

As with the rest of our collection of soaps, the KOHA Beauty Pink Clay and Sailor’s

Bar soaps are both 100% natural, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, carefully scented

with natural clays and botanicals to give beautiful colours and fragrances. The

soaps are 100% plastic-free and packaged in completely recyclable cardboard

sleeves, making them ethical and sustainable. All of our soaps are created without hardening agents or preservatives, making them extra gentle and super soft for use on the whole family.

The entire KOHA Beauty soap collection is now available in our online shop, and the

soaps are priced at £8 each. We think they’re the perfect addition to a natural

beauty regime, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of them – the feedback

we’ve received already from you, our wonderful customers, is fantastic and we’re

delighted that you’re enjoying a product that we have taken months to perfect.

If you do purchase our soaps, please do let us know – we’d be delighted to hear

from you! And remember to stay tuned to our blog, as there’s more exciting

launches to come very soon…


KOHA Beauty

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