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KOHA Beauty Launches Coconut & Wax Candle Collection

At KOHA, we’re all about living a natural, sustainable lifestyle, and simplifying that for our customers (that’s you!), without compromising on quality. Who said natural couldn’t be luxurious? Our passion for simplicity, working in tandem with an unfaltering respect for nature, has resulted in a tightly-edited range of amazing products for you to indulge in; from soaps to sponges, candles to toothbrushes and haircare, we like to think that there’s something for everyone. And today we have yet another exciting announcement for you, with the launch of a brand-new collection of coconut & soy wax candles!

You read that right; we’ve now expanded our bountiful beauty offering and taken our first foray into lifestyle products, with a collection of three gorgeous, clean-burning candles that will bring a sense of calmness and clarity to your home. Created using a blend of premium-quality coconut and soy waxes, infused with carefully-selected pure essential oils (chosen for their therapeutic benefits), the KOHA Beauty candles are available in three fragrances, which are now all available to purchase on our website. Every fragrance has been carefully created with your needs in mind, and we’re delighted to offer scented candles that can soothe the soul, help you relax and energise your mind and body, depending on your mood and your needs. We’re also proud to say that our candles use cotton wicks and come in 100% plastic-free packaging, housed in chic glass jars with aluminium lids. The candles contain absolutely no preservatives, additives, colourants or parabens, and are completely natural, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. The elegant simplicity of these candles provides you with a luxury experience, without breaking the bank. With a focus on rejuvenating, refreshing and replenishing mind, body and soul, our products make the perfect self-care treat as well as a thoughtful present, a number one on any shopping list.

So, without further ado, allow us to introduce you to this exciting new addition to the KOHA collection…

First up, Rose Geranium. Packed with essential oils, this candle provides a luxurious spa-like experience, in the warmth and comfort of your own home. Rose geranium is renowned for its mood-balancing properties, but it also works to neutralise the air, helping to relax and uplift the senses. Light KOHA’s Rose Geranium Soy Wax Candle whenever you’re feeling tense or want to wind down after a long day; the soothing scent is perfect for helping you to relax. Light and floral, without being overbearing, we think this is a suits-all scent that’s perfect for welcoming guests to the home and helping everyone feel calm and at ease too.

And whilst we’re on the topic of relaxation – if you’re after some intense R&R, allow us to suggest our new Lavender Herb candle. Achieving the perfect balance between herbal and floral, this richly relaxing fragrance is the ideal option to light in the evenings or pre-bedtime. Lavender is well-known to be hugely advantageous to your system, helping frantic minds unwind and easing nervous tension, aiding a deeper and more restful sleep. Relax and unwind with this candle, providing your body with a helping hand and your mind a moment of quiet, whenever you feel fit.

To uplift, revive and rejuvenate, we’d like to introduce you to the refreshing fragrance of the Citrus Lemongrass candle. With an uplifting, sweet aroma of citrus, this candle is the perfect way to start your day, invigorating mind and body and helping you to feel energised. Light this one at your desk to keep you feeling alert and productive during the working day, light it at the weekends to start your day feeling fresh, or light it on warm evenings to capture the scent of summer. However, it’s amazing in winter too, as the vibrant fragrance will help to clear the airways and ease any bunged-up noses, to help you breathe clearly when you’re feeling stuffy.

Our 120ml candles burn for approximately 20 hours, whilst the larger 250ml candles have 40 hours of burn time; all candles are 100% clean burning so perfect for use in the home. When lighting for the first time, leave the candle burning for long enough that the wax melts right to the edge of the container, to prevent ‘tunnelling’ and reducing your candle’s burn time and efficacy. We’d recommend not burning for longer than three hours at a time, and never allowing your candle to burn right to the base as this could cause a potentially hazardous heat build-up. It’s essential to stay safe!

Our candles are currently on an introductory special offer, so if you’d like to try one, now’s the best time! The 120ml candles are currently just £12 (usually £15), and the 250ml candles are £22.40 instead of £28 – plus, we’re running free shipping on orders over £35, so get in quick and stock up for your scents of the summer. Please tag us in your candle snaps on Instagram too, we’d love to see how you’re enjoying this gorgeous new fragrance!

To find out more about our KOHA Beauty products, visit our SHOP!


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