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KOHA Beauty Eco friendly Hand Sanitiser

As you already know if you’ve been keeping up with our social media announcements, we have launched our very own skin loving hand sanitiser.  We’re so excited with the result of the chic eco friendly hand sanitiser that we thought we’d fill you in on how it came about and how to care for your hands.  A couple of months ago we started receiving messages from our customers asking whether we sold any hand sanitisers and if we could recommend a hand sanitiser as there were concerns about the drying effects of alcohols in hand sanitisers.  That got us thinking about how we could help and thus started our research journey into producing our very own hand sanitisers. 

In the early stages of development we knew that there were two issues we wanted to address; Ingredients and Packaging;


At KOHA Beauty we like to keep things simple, this not only applies to our packaging, but our ingredient listing too. After a lot of experimenting we settled on a formula that not only cleanses your hands but protects your skin too.  The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that you use a sanitiser with at least a 60% alcohol content in order for the product to be effective at killing bacteria. We decided, after some testing, to opt for an alcohol content of 65% as we wanted the product to cleanse but also to be gentle enough on the skin for frequent use.  

To balance out the drying effects of the alcohol we added a vegetable based glycerin.  The glycerin acts as a humectant which basically means it acts as a sponge to help retain moisture leaving your hands nourished and cleansed at the same time.  Lastly, we’ve enhanced the hand sanitiser with spearmint and tea tree essential oils for a fresh scent and an invigorating cleanse. 


We knew that a plastic bottle just wasn’t going to cut it at KOHA Beauty.  And instead opted for a very minimal clean cut glass bottle with jet black atomiser spray top.  Although our atomiser is made from plastic, we do offer plastic free refill bottles that come with recyclable aluminium caps so that you can re-use your atomiser without feeling guilty. 

Please do note that it is always better to wash your hands with soap and water but in the instance that these options are not available, our KOHA Beauty hand sanitisers are a handy, fuss free way to keep those hands cleansed and moisturised while on the go. 

To find out more about our KOHA Beauty hand sanitiser, visit our SHOP!

Stay safe!


KOHA Beauty

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